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About Us

We are the first to introduce a lash designed for working out! The Active Lash will last longer than your toughest workout!

Based out of the heart of Los Angeles, Fauxy Lash strives to deliver the most innovative, premium, on trend false lashes. 

We are proud to deliver high quality, cruelty-free, faux mink lashes. With a touch of finesse, our lashes are hand made to fit all eye shapes. 

Fauxy Lash is the one and only innovator of the ACTIVE Lash. This sporty lash is flexible, lightweight, durable, and tested in all conditions to ensure they stay in place while you are active be it jogging down the beach or working up a sweat at the gym.  We are proud to announce we are the innovators of this sporty lash. The ACTIVE Lash is offered in four different lash styles.  Don't forget who brought it to you first!

So what are you waiting for, try a pair of Fauxy Lashes for yourself!