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Although we work with some third parties, (i.e. credit card processors, postal carriers, etc.), we will not sell your information to anyone, including any and all third parties. We are not responsible nor liable for any third party websites information or materials that are not affiliated under Fauxy Lash. Any and all questions, concerns, complaints, and claims should be directed to the third party.
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If we receive or request submission of any form or type of content (i.e. pictures, statements, ideas, etc.) via email, via internet, via mail, and any other form of communication, it become the sole right and sole property of Fauxy Lash. You understand it will waive all rights to you, which include royalty fee, irrevocable rights and licensing, can be transferable, are non-exclusive, and without any compensation to you, giving Fauxy Lash without restriction the rights to copy, publish, edit, distribute, change, translate in any context and form we may choose. We are not obligated and shall be under no obligation to prevent, remove, maintain, monitor, comments, images, statements, or any and all content made in confidence nor obligated to pay loyalty or compensation for any comments, pictures, images, ideas, statements, etc.
We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order(s) you may place for any reason without contacting you. By submitting your order, you agreed to provide current and accurate information  which includes but may not be limited to account information,  contact information,  shipping information,  and billing information. 
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